Unchosen Book 2 in The Chosen Series

Lizzie O’Malley is back with a purpose in life. Still flighty and unpredictable, she knows that loving and losing Teagan Gallagher has changed her life forever. As she navigates her new life in Boston as a full time working mother, she promises herself she will never fall in love again. 

But can she keep that promise after meeting Nick Sawyer, the gorgeous Texan who has fallen for her? 

Follow Lizzie to Ireland where she struggles with tragedy and rediscovers herself all over again.



Okay, so Lizzie’s life continues after Teagan, Post-T. (And bytheway, if Teagan and Nick had some kind of hot-character-book-off, Nick would wipe the floor with your face!) Anyway, Lizzie has turned her life around, becoming everything she would have hoped for. All while taking care of her sweet baby, the biggest reason to keep motivated in her success.

And like most mom’s, Lizzie’s post prego body is not a confidence builder for her. Which is why when she meets Nick, a nice, attractive God, or I mean man, who seems taken by her, flusters her so much. Or was it the electric pull she seems to experience when he was around. But of course she doesn’t think that he would be interested. Because, why would a smart, sexy guy want someone with a baby and extra poundage to go along with it. Instead, she works on the safe route, just friends. Lizzie doesn’t want to be in love, or in a relationship for that matter. This was safe. Or so she thought…

Nick and Lizzie’s adventure will have you turning the pages for more. I couldn’t put the thing down. Except for those few times! Grrr… Tear. After reading both books, I also have to say I loved the title choices for the series. Unchosen. Fits perfectly. 

I would recommend this book to everyone. You don’t have to like romances to love this book. The characters are so down to earth, they become your own friends. And Lizzie is such a smart-ass, sarcastic person that you cant help but love her. This story will capture you and drag you in causing you to gasp for air. A one sit read.

This book was given to me for free for a honest review. Thank you Alisa for giving the pleasure of being part of your journey. And for my and everyone else’s sanity, please keep writing. 😉


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