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“The way the Author, Alisa Mullen, described each character so vividly and flawlessly left me feeling like I didn’t miss a thing. So yes, without a doubt this book can be read as a stand-alone!” – Stories and Swag
“Wow Unmarked was a really gut wrenching story in a really great way. It was like a sucker punch to the gut from the first pages and I loved every moment of it. I was not expecting this incredibly heartbreaking story.” Jen in Bookland
“Wow just Wow! – The Power of Three Book Blog
“Mullen is a genius.” – United Indie Book Blog
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I’ve got your back ~ You have my word.


It is with great sadness and true humility that I will be postponing Artificial Love until ??? – My editor, whom I trust BECAUSE she is on the same page as my career, read the first draft and said – “You are not publishing this book next.”

2014-10-24 17.06.55

After her explanation – not because it isn’t a good story or well written – I understood that she had my publishing career in mind. She could have edited it, taken hundreds of dollars, fed me a line of bullshit, and went on her merry way. She said, “Get off the phone, Mullen. You have a new novel to write and this one is shelved.”

After a long talk with my PA – “Following the Sun” followed by “Both of Her” will be written and released in my own time. The royalties on the 8 books I wrote and the 2 audio-books released in 2014 are still amazing and well – I won’t release something because readers want it. I will release books that I put ALL of my heart and terribly deranged imagination into.

Plastic Confidence (US – http://bit.ly/uspcam UK – http://bit.ly/ukplasticconfidence) will remain at .99 until the audio is released but AL – well – if you want the premise of that story as it stands – go one click Unmarked and then say – Alisa will never publish formula writing – never. Unique, raw, and original. Like all of my art.

Plastic Confidence

On to my year 2014 – https://www.facebook.com/alisamullenbooks?ref=bookmarks

Have you ever thought about writing a book?

Want to know how to get it published?

It is an amazing feeling to hold your first book while staring at the screen of your second novel. No matter what people say – publishing a novel is an extremely prestigious accomplishment. It trumps my Summa Cum Laude BA and my MSBA with a 4.0 GPA. It sometimes trumps every other job I have ever had because writing has and always been a healthy way to escape into another world. It takes me at least an hour to decompress after a 10K word count day.

I am not saying that sweeping trash in a high school at night or working with adjusters on insurance claims is less important to the way the world of commerce spins. The difference is obvious. People can live without my words but can I? It is far more important to me than sometimes my own self-preservation. I can get so lost in writing that I have no sense of time – or even what month it is. Sound crazy? Good – because authors are.

What is the downside? It may look glorious to the outside world but it isn’t. My first editor charged me $1200 to make five changes to Unsettled. I thought that was normal. Being a trusting person, I allowed a woman to overtake my life for six weeks. It was her envy, which by the way I have lost dozens of so called friends and family to envy, that made her shit all over my name. It wasn’t until her supporters came forward – clearing my name and the amount of apologies I received were overwhelming. I did appreciate the “innocent judgement” (Insert judge slamming down gavel) but that didn’t mean that staying a self published author became awesome. Yes, it has been an interesting first year. Day by day, my shield gets thicker, my trust grows fainter, and the true fans don’t need to follow up with what I ate for breakfast to one click my book.

I have been screwed over in this industry that I can’t even count anymore. Large Indie and Published Authors have also expressed that my Indie issues are not uncommon. Blogs have favorites. Signings will always be a place where readers want to meet one or two authors (with the exception of a few) and where I have seen respectable authors and models so stinking drunk that it was unfathomable.

Although cover models are fleeting, showing an average of an 18 month career – they actually gain everything from authors whereas authors don’t get shit from models joining them at said signings. Would people still stop at your table if you didn’t have eye candy? Sure BUT they won’t buy a book from you. They will get their photo of him and her and walk along. That is the majority – again there are exceptions.

I have a team. It took me nearly a year to find these people. I have an amazing editor, an amazing cover designer, and a personal assistant who tells me what to do and I don’t have to ask her to accomplish something more than once. Her professionalism, out of the box thinking, and true desire to see my books succeed are in every action she displays. She NEVER says I’ve got your back and you have my word to know that she does and more. For you aspiring writers, if you hear those two lines – run faster than a cheetah. It is bull shit talk. People either have the passion to step out of their comfort zone or they tail gate those who do. Be the 5% who actually follows their dream.

People will step all over you for money and social media attention. SO – my year is over. I am proud of my words, proud of my mistakes, and proud to be an international best selling author. Only 5% of that 5% ever really sell more than 500 copies of a book. I am proud to say I am one of them – whether or not I ever make USA Today. What is most important is trusting my editor when she says “Start again” and thank God – she understands me enough that I can’t be proud of a formula.

I wish everyone a healthy Christmas and New Year’s. I am so pumped to write about bowling, Nate Wilson, and Sunny, the spitfire that can’t be nailed down for fiver minutes.

Rock on Peeps. 2015 may be on MY terms but it will be even better – knowing that people can’t get all of me anymore. They just get my words and support to other indie authors who I KNOW hasn’t had a peachy road either.

Unmarked is on its last leg!

We at #teammullen are so excited that Unmarked is on its way to formatting and publishing for its November 18th release date. In anticipation, we made an Unmarked 2015 Calendar featuring Seany Boy Ford (Robert Simmons) and special quotes from the book.

In addition, I have added more to my bundle. My square market is complete and up to date – minus the Unmarked paperback (at this time.)

Check it out! Squeee! So exciting! https://squareup.com/market/alisa-mullen-author

Oh and don’t forget to get your tickets today for Deep in the Heart Author Signing event on February 7th, 2015.

Good October!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back! Doesn’t that just make the whole world go around? I have been eating up everything pumpkin that by the time it is over – you can stick a fork in me.
What’s new?
I just handed Unmarked – Sean’s Story Book 4 of The Chosen Series over to my editor this morning. I am hoping that edits won’t consume everything in the next few weeks and I can start writing more under Artificial Love and another WIP I have going.

I am also getting things ready for the Texas Book Festival on October 25th and 26th. It is free to everyone in downtown Austin AND we – Texas Romance Authors – will be in tent #4.

One last thing – My event “Deep in the Heart” signing event is getting bigger and better! We still have 4 author full tables open ($115 for full and $57.50 for a half. If you are author or blogger and are interested, please contact me at texasromanceauthors@gmail.com

Tickets are available for a lower cost than at the door. We have VIP tickets available, too. I think there are 4 left so please get them before they go!

So that’s me in a nutshell for October. Hope you are eating lots of pumpkin stuff, too!

What a difference a week makes.

Indie Mashup in Tampa was very emotional for me. I met a great photographer, Eric Battershell. He was just walking by my hotel room with another model and well, after talking a while – I asked him if he was gay. We all laughed but hey – it’s a question. Personally, I have never had someone ask me but hell. Anyway he said no and I said okay. Twenty minutes later – we were best friends. A man and a woman – both happily married – both happily at the signing as a professional.

The next day, my model for Unmarked came in. Robert Simmons, along with my team, went and met Eric. He shot my vision for the next book cover and it was fantastic. One week later? My cover designer and I have completed the whole book cover and now we sit on it until October 14th. Boo to that.

I didn’t meet many readers in Tampa. I met a great deal of authors that I made friends with for life or however long we are in the biz. It was fun, funny, ironic, crazy, weird, and by the time I got home – I didn’t know which way was up.

Actually, I still don’t as I am working on two more events that will take place in Austin next month and next February. I am trying to push these events but it is very stressful. I should be writing.

What I learned in one week is this… I might not trust anyone any longer. I shouldn’t have had any expectations when I went to Tampa because everything I thought would happen, didn’t. I have also learned that the whole point of Indie Authors is to write. I am a writer. I am not a celebrity or the cool girl in school. I write stories and I tell them to people through the stroke of keys or the ink of a pen. Nothing else. People think they are too good for me? Yeah – you can go eat shit. I don’t need to add anymore stories to the ones I hear from my 13 year old.

I think that is all I have to say. Write more, expect less, treat others with patience and respect. Don’t be an asshole.

Yes. Don’t be an asshole.

Until next time – which hopefully will be when Unmarked is done.