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2014 IN REVIEW BUT TWO MONTHS LEFT? Ya- I know – but…

My last signing for 2014 was this past weekend at the Texas Book Fest and it was fantastic. I finally got to meet Michelle Pace. I also got to see TK Rapp again and met Kelly Cozzone and Diana Castinellos. I probably murdered her name but it’s early and I am tired.

So now I feel like 2014 is over but it’s not! This will be our first time home for both holidays in three years. We are excited to be in our home for Santa this year. Nanowrimo is November! That means I have to finish Artificial Love! I love the program and love that a mass of writers are trying to accomplish a piece of work.

So 2014 is NOT over. Unmarked will be released on the 18th and I have two more books to try and finish by year’s end as well as marketing Deep In The Heart for February in Austin. So… I am extremely excited to get lots done – hunkered down at the house and finding words and hanging with family this holiday season.

2014 is over for socializing at events. 2014 is not over for finishing it off and making it a great year. And what a year it has been!

Until next time…