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Reviews would be a beautiful gift.

If you have ever read any of my books, would you kindly leave me a review? Just click here and pick the book you have read. Any star rating is welcomed.


Thank you.


It’s all happening!

One of my favorite quotes is from Almost Famous – “It’s all happening!” and shit, that is how I feel right now. 

I leave in a few days to sign with some great authors at the Indie Tampa Mashup. There, I will finally meet my assistant, my editor, and my new muse for my upcoming book, Unmarked. 

Robert Simmons is a trained Martial Artist and is all tatted up. Perfect for Sean’s story. Picture is here.

In addition, my audio books are selling and they are getting good feedback. Click here to check them out on Audible. 

Unsettled on AUDIO

Unchosen on AUDIO

Both done by Claire White


What else? Oh and I am arranging a Author Signing in Austin. That is nuts. There are not enough hours in the day. So I run around naked and don’t shower. JK.

Hope everyone is well. Peace and Love.


Plastic Confidence Cover

I called my assistants on Thursday and claimed that I couldn’t write anymore. Plastic Confidence was going no where and fast. Despite all the scenes tagged on my wall – it just wasn’t coming together.

It turns out that just by saying that I couldn’t do it anymore – my fingers started flying. My my. So ask for help in any way or for anything and it works!

The first 20K words have been sent to my primary beta. She tells me if I am way off the mark or if it is working. I am 50/50 on this one. It is either a crazy theory or a brilliant love story, including signs of the times. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope for the latter.

Happy weekend! What are you writing or reading?

What do Authors do to Make the List?

Part of being an indie author is that marketing your book(s) is totally on your shoulders. Some days I make teasers. Some days I drop prices -(like to free). Some days I just throw a pillow over my head and scream into it.

My husband recently laid out the points to making the  NYT best selling list and had to repeat how it works…a few times. Two points he made still ring through my head. Did you know that there is a marketing company out there solely to get you on the NYT list? 100% satisfaction guaranteed. At what lengths does that company go to for that honored (or so I thought) label? I didn’t ask the name of the company but I know that it is mentioned on a popular website we all use even when people tell us not to. 🙂

The other point? Authors actually BUY their own books in volume to spike their sales in the short amount of time required to make the list. A book needs to be in the top 100 of multiple categories for one Sunday newspaper run and it is IN. Forever. FOREEEVVVEERR.

I personally can’t fathom doing either. Do the sheep only follow that sequence of words? Will my books be taken more seriously because of that stamp? I once thought so.  I think of people like John Grisham, Steven King, Jodi Picoult, (insert your favorite author here -since they are probably on this list).

BUT NOW WHAT?  Well, it seems so easy to manipulate the numbers (not limited to the 2 ways pointed out avenues above).

So now I wonder – –  who are the true best sellers now? Who has duped the system? Perhaps being a NYT best seller is not a goal I once wanted after all. What will I strive for now? Honesty? Hard work? The journey? Well…yes.  I have to go old school grass roots here. I wrote some books. People have left reviews. I am going to copy and paste them here…now. If I sell books because I did this, then yeah. If I don’t , then I tried. Either way, it turns out that being a NYT bestseller isn’t really that big of a deal since the system has been compromised.

I truly love the characters that are left in the end and their story…..as always, thanks for a great read Alisa! – Stacy

this author is one I will continue to read more by. – M.N

Thank you Alisa for sharing this incredible story. You are amazing and I can’t wait for more books from you! – Tracey

I just want to start by saying Alisa Mullen is one talented writer and storyteller. – HamlinGirl

Okay there is four. All on Unrequited, the third book in the series. You can find the reviews I have mentioned there.

Happy reading. Happy Life.