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Open Marriage?

“I’ve always wondered about open marriage. Since I found out that some famous people successfully have them, I wanted to know more. I needed to write a book that examined the true definition of cheating in an open marriage. We all live in a world of grey area. My books will always be in THAT color – there and picking at those subjects. Plastic Confidence was the first one in the line of many subjects that just blow my mind.”

-Interview on Plastic Confidence (BUY HERE FOR 99 Cents <—–)

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Books by Alisa Mullen


The Big Bang Book Theory

I am not an author in this post until I tell you that I am.

I am a mother, a wife, the keeper of a large home (including an in ground pool – Lord help me) and a small business owner that supplements my husband’s wages so we can pay for college, another new home, and well other shit – like new sneakers for my nine year old that are dead in a week,

I have always loved stories and movies. However, my business is making knots on a board so I can’t look up often and I have to be mindful of my work ALL the time.

I discovered Audio books (an APP) a place that for 21.00 a month – I could download a book a day. So – I did.

I had NO idea who Jay Crown over was. Emily Snow who? even Nora Roberts? Duh. I would have never sat down out of my business time to read FSOG. (sorry!) I have shit I got to do and it ain’t pretty when I don’t participate for even 5 hours!

So I listened to all of them.  ALL – OF -THEM. I listened to more books that there were days in 2014. I know people’s work. It isn’t until after I listen do I go on social media and check them out – struggling just to get their name in a God damn news feed on a social media site. SMDH

I am an author now. I wrote a fantastic book called Plastic Confidence. Sorry – but after being told so many times and rereading it? Well – I did! I have 56 reviews and not one review is LESS than 4 stars. So why isn’t it selling even for 99 cents this week? Poor marketing (I did everything I could) people don’t want to buy? (Meh – they could spare a buck. They probably spent that in tax today on something.) Readers don’t have the time or the mental health to add ONE MORE BOOK to their carousel.

Would you promise ONE more author to read their book when you can’t even squeeze it that one book you are supposed to review for a blog?

GUILT is tearing our blogs down. No one has the time because everyone is writing a book and there aren’t enough readers to keep up with them.

BOOM. Then there was no one. Except me , making my knots, listening, laughing, and crying to new audio books.

COST? HELL NO they aren’t free and no author should ever make their book free. I did that once. 25K downloads and no reviews. Why? Because as a reader, I will never have the time to read all the books that came out in 2013 – let alone 2014. OH but I did!!!! I know more indies than just about anyone. The true indies that put their stories to audio so it gives people a chance to live life.

Oh – off course there – so no – they aren’t free BUT whisper-sync drastically changes the price when you have ALREADY purchased the book through amazon. Not sure of total cost but another way is to ask the author for a gift. It’s lame but they have them – and like everything – we don’t know what to do with them.

If they can’t gift it – It is the cost of what readers should be paying bc otherwise – (Social Problem #1537 people with more eBooks than it is possible to read in the next 12 months on their kindle –  are hoarders. Collectors of book covers. That is the biggest insult to an author ever.Worst line ever “I think I got that book on my kindle during a free day and I will be moving that one up!” )

Reading was supposed to be pleasurable. This year has proven (by signing cancelled, blogs shutting down, authors quitting, haters killing themselves for the best meme) that is another world of inadequacy, understaffed, over-runned with really LAME excuses.) I am guilty. Read Unmarked – I sold out and for TLOG – I have to live with that forever. tsu isn’t going to help my sales. Nothing is.

But I sell my audio books through Audible, iTunes, and whisper sync. People love my narrator and readers THANK me for a great story while they had to make that drive. I am so happy my book wasn’t read under pressure or because of guilt.

Download the Audible app and find out what FREE books you have come with a free audio and actually make those deadlines. You might hate it at first but eventually it is the story that binds us.

We live in a world where this is necessary. There are too many pressures. Press play and make dinner.

Alisa Mullen

Author of Unsettled, Unchosen, Unrequited, Unmarked

Plastic Confidence

One Missing Link

Pen name Kaycee Veil for R-rated novellas



What do Authors do to Make the List?

Part of being an indie author is that marketing your book(s) is totally on your shoulders. Some days I make teasers. Some days I drop prices -(like to free). Some days I just throw a pillow over my head and scream into it.

My husband recently laid out the points to making the  NYT best selling list and had to repeat how it works…a few times. Two points he made still ring through my head. Did you know that there is a marketing company out there solely to get you on the NYT list? 100% satisfaction guaranteed. At what lengths does that company go to for that honored (or so I thought) label? I didn’t ask the name of the company but I know that it is mentioned on a popular website we all use even when people tell us not to. 🙂

The other point? Authors actually BUY their own books in volume to spike their sales in the short amount of time required to make the list. A book needs to be in the top 100 of multiple categories for one Sunday newspaper run and it is IN. Forever. FOREEEVVVEERR.

I personally can’t fathom doing either. Do the sheep only follow that sequence of words? Will my books be taken more seriously because of that stamp? I once thought so.  I think of people like John Grisham, Steven King, Jodi Picoult, (insert your favorite author here -since they are probably on this list).

BUT NOW WHAT?  Well, it seems so easy to manipulate the numbers (not limited to the 2 ways pointed out avenues above).

So now I wonder – –  who are the true best sellers now? Who has duped the system? Perhaps being a NYT best seller is not a goal I once wanted after all. What will I strive for now? Honesty? Hard work? The journey? Well…yes.  I have to go old school grass roots here. I wrote some books. People have left reviews. I am going to copy and paste them here…now. If I sell books because I did this, then yeah. If I don’t , then I tried. Either way, it turns out that being a NYT bestseller isn’t really that big of a deal since the system has been compromised.

I truly love the characters that are left in the end and their story…..as always, thanks for a great read Alisa! – Stacy

this author is one I will continue to read more by. – M.N

Thank you Alisa for sharing this incredible story. You are amazing and I can’t wait for more books from you! – Tracey

I just want to start by saying Alisa Mullen is one talented writer and storyteller. – HamlinGirl

Okay there is four. All on Unrequited, the third book in the series. You can find the reviews I have mentioned there.

Happy reading. Happy Life.