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I heart reviews and blogs.

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“The way the Author, Alisa Mullen, described each character so vividly and flawlessly left me feeling like I didn’t miss a thing. So yes, without a doubt this book can be read as a stand-alone!” – Stories and Swag
“Wow Unmarked was a really gut wrenching story in a really great way. It was like a sucker punch to the gut from the first pages and I loved every moment of it. I was not expecting this incredibly heartbreaking story.” Jen in Bookland
“Wow just Wow! – The Power of Three Book Blog
“Mullen is a genius.” – United Indie Book Blog
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The Big Bang Book Theory

I am not an author in this post until I tell you that I am.

I am a mother, a wife, the keeper of a large home (including an in ground pool – Lord help me) and a small business owner that supplements my husband’s wages so we can pay for college, another new home, and well other shit – like new sneakers for my nine year old that are dead in a week,

I have always loved stories and movies. However, my business is making knots on a board so I can’t look up often and I have to be mindful of my work ALL the time.

I discovered Audio books (an APP) a place that for 21.00 a month – I could download a book a day. So – I did.

I had NO idea who Jay Crown over was. Emily Snow who? even Nora Roberts? Duh. I would have never sat down out of my business time to read FSOG. (sorry!) I have shit I got to do and it ain’t pretty when I don’t participate for even 5 hours!

So I listened to all of them.  ALL – OF -THEM. I listened to more books that there were days in 2014. I know people’s work. It isn’t until after I listen do I go on social media and check them out – struggling just to get their name in a God damn news feed on a social media site. SMDH

I am an author now. I wrote a fantastic book called Plastic Confidence. Sorry – but after being told so many times and rereading it? Well – I did! I have 56 reviews and not one review is LESS than 4 stars. So why isn’t it selling even for 99 cents this week? Poor marketing (I did everything I could) people don’t want to buy? (Meh – they could spare a buck. They probably spent that in tax today on something.) Readers don’t have the time or the mental health to add ONE MORE BOOK to their carousel.

Would you promise ONE more author to read their book when you can’t even squeeze it that one book you are supposed to review for a blog?

GUILT is tearing our blogs down. No one has the time because everyone is writing a book and there aren’t enough readers to keep up with them.

BOOM. Then there was no one. Except me , making my knots, listening, laughing, and crying to new audio books.

COST? HELL NO they aren’t free and no author should ever make their book free. I did that once. 25K downloads and no reviews. Why? Because as a reader, I will never have the time to read all the books that came out in 2013 – let alone 2014. OH but I did!!!! I know more indies than just about anyone. The true indies that put their stories to audio so it gives people a chance to live life.

Oh – off course there – so no – they aren’t free BUT whisper-sync drastically changes the price when you have ALREADY purchased the book through amazon. Not sure of total cost but another way is to ask the author for a gift. It’s lame but they have them – and like everything – we don’t know what to do with them.

If they can’t gift it – It is the cost of what readers should be paying bc otherwise – (Social Problem #1537 people with more eBooks than it is possible to read in the next 12 months on their kindle –  are hoarders. Collectors of book covers. That is the biggest insult to an author ever.Worst line ever “I think I got that book on my kindle during a free day and I will be moving that one up!” )

Reading was supposed to be pleasurable. This year has proven (by signing cancelled, blogs shutting down, authors quitting, haters killing themselves for the best meme) that is another world of inadequacy, understaffed, over-runned with really LAME excuses.) I am guilty. Read Unmarked – I sold out and for TLOG – I have to live with that forever. tsu isn’t going to help my sales. Nothing is.

But I sell my audio books through Audible, iTunes, and whisper sync. People love my narrator and readers THANK me for a great story while they had to make that drive. I am so happy my book wasn’t read under pressure or because of guilt.

Download the Audible app and find out what FREE books you have come with a free audio and actually make those deadlines. You might hate it at first but eventually it is the story that binds us.

We live in a world where this is necessary. There are too many pressures. Press play and make dinner.

Alisa Mullen

Author of Unsettled, Unchosen, Unrequited, Unmarked

Plastic Confidence

One Missing Link

Pen name Kaycee Veil for R-rated novellas



What a difference a week makes.

Indie Mashup in Tampa was very emotional for me. I met a great photographer, Eric Battershell. He was just walking by my hotel room with another model and well, after talking a while – I asked him if he was gay. We all laughed but hey – it’s a question. Personally, I have never had someone ask me but hell. Anyway he said no and I said okay. Twenty minutes later – we were best friends. A man and a woman – both happily married – both happily at the signing as a professional.

The next day, my model for Unmarked came in. Robert Simmons, along with my team, went and met Eric. He shot my vision for the next book cover and it was fantastic. One week later? My cover designer and I have completed the whole book cover and now we sit on it until October 14th. Boo to that.

I didn’t meet many readers in Tampa. I met a great deal of authors that I made friends with for life or however long we are in the biz. It was fun, funny, ironic, crazy, weird, and by the time I got home – I didn’t know which way was up.

Actually, I still don’t as I am working on two more events that will take place in Austin next month and next February. I am trying to push these events but it is very stressful. I should be writing.

What I learned in one week is this… I might not trust anyone any longer. I shouldn’t have had any expectations when I went to Tampa because everything I thought would happen, didn’t. I have also learned that the whole point of Indie Authors is to write. I am a writer. I am not a celebrity or the cool girl in school. I write stories and I tell them to people through the stroke of keys or the ink of a pen. Nothing else. People think they are too good for me? Yeah – you can go eat shit. I don’t need to add anymore stories to the ones I hear from my 13 year old.

I think that is all I have to say. Write more, expect less, treat others with patience and respect. Don’t be an asshole.

Yes. Don’t be an asshole.

Until next time – which hopefully will be when Unmarked is done.

End of May Hello and Goodbye

Thanks so much for those who have come to read and love Lizzie.


One question needs to be answered. YES – Unrequited is live. It released on May 24th, 2014. (Real Life Nick and Lizzie’s anniversary). It seemed fitting. Anyway -yes go search my amazon page and you will see Book #3 behind all that red hair.

AND NO – It is not the last in The Chosen Series. I want two more books to come from the brood. Sean and Freddie. But after I write about Jules, Emmy, Angie. So…. it will happen – just don’t know the timeline.

May was fun. My kids worked hard at state tests, my babes worked hard on certifications at work,I sold over 150 necklaces (Devika Knots) and well, I published two books. It was fun.

So some info on Plastic Confidence – I am looking forward to taking my time with Jules and Brennan and the Love Sick Ponies (yes Lizzie and Nick make three cameos) but this book, like my others, do have deeper themes that some may or may not catch. I will never forget dissecting short stories and poems in college. The undertones, the foreshadowing through humor or small snippets of conversation that applies to the theme about what life can be like as a young woman. The twenties are some of the hardest years. I know that I was THRILLED when I turned 30.  Now, I am not so thrilled to be turning 40. Babes says to suck it up.

But anyways – Back to the point…. Look closely. We all have at least one fear or insecurity as a young woman, right? In each of my books, I present the reader with a different one, a secretive but profound question that only you can answer for yourself. So as you wonder how something rings true for you, remember to be good to yourself. Make sure to love you the most out of everyone in the world. It isn’t self centered. You were put on this earth to learn about yourself as you grow. Enjoy it.

I am well on my way- have run the outline or plot or whatever it is. My undercover lover and I have talked for hours and she has agreed to my ideas. Thank God. She is a tough woman to please. Oh and UCL? Sorry for having a million aha moments… It is kinda annoying, isn’t it? Anyways, she has given me the Green Light. On chapter five and can’t wait to write some of these scenes.

I am also reading a ton! 13 Reasons Why, Sweet Filthy Boy, Song for Us, Pride and Prejudice (a monthly must to honor the great literature of all time) and Emily Giffin’s new book. Woo. That’s a list.

I love listening to your reviews, both disappointed responses and praise. Unfortunately, if I changed up my books to make everyone happy- well I am not sure it would even resemble a book. More like a bullet point document. I could create a power point! I love doing those. LOL

Enjoy your June. Get a tan and love you and yours.

Alisa Mullen