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My name is Alisa Mullen and I am so pleased you came and liked my page.I am the author of the Chosen Series. (Unsettled, Unchosen, and Unrequited)

“Unsettled” was my purge novel. It has issues but it is 80% based on actual events and I think that every woman can relate to Lizzie O’Malley.

“Unchosen” is about 40% based on actual events.

“Unrequited” has snippets of real events but is basically pure fiction.


I currently live in South Texas with “Nick”. We have two children, a dog and a cat. We love the warm weather but I love my laptop/ Word Doc open more.. 🙂 I also make beautiful macrame necklaces, which you can find on my other page called “Devika Knot”
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The Chosen Series

#1 – Unsettled  http://tinyurl.com/l5rfawk and http://tinyurl.com/n33d7rm

#2 – Unchosen  http://tinyurl.com/kgg9ef8 and http://tinyurl.com/k98fzuu

#3 – Unrequited http://tinyurl.com/pqgo85a and http://tinyurl.com/orrklbg


The Good Bye Series

#1 – Plastic Confidence https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22007695-plastic-confidence

I grew up in Maine and have lived in many cities across the US. I like to travel but I crave to travel to places in my mind. I combine life experience and my imagination on paper. I have been a writer since I was eight years old when my mother told me she couldn’t believe I wrote the way I did. Throughout my schooling, I wrote poems and stories.
Writing took a back seat when I fell into the business world rat race and tried out several occupations. Nothing has every felt more satisfying than writing. So here I am! I published my first book “Unsettled” in February. “Unchosen” goes lives on May 12, 2014 and I am working on “Unrequited”, the last book in the Chosen Series. 

In my rare off time, I enjoy baseball with my family. My husband and our two children are major Rangers and Red Sox fans. We live between San Antonio and Austin, Texas and I like it here. It’s very quiet, a great place to write. I also own my own macramé necklace business, Devika Knots. I started it with my daughter five years ago and it has become a great business. So art is my life now. I feel blessed and grateful every day for a fulfilling life.


Unchosen_400Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00070]

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Author of Best Selling Saga The Chosen Series and Best Selling Psychological Thriller The Good Bye Trilogy

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