What a difference a week makes.

Indie Mashup in Tampa was very emotional for me. I met a great photographer, Eric Battershell. He was just walking by my hotel room with another model and well, after talking a while – I asked him if he was gay. We all laughed but hey – it’s a question. Personally, I have never had someone ask me but hell. Anyway he said no and I said okay. Twenty minutes later – we were best friends. A man and a woman – both happily married – both happily at the signing as a professional.

The next day, my model for Unmarked came in. Robert Simmons, along with my team, went and met Eric. He shot my vision for the next book cover and it was fantastic. One week later? My cover designer and I have completed the whole book cover and now we sit on it until October 14th. Boo to that.

I didn’t meet many readers in Tampa. I met a great deal of authors that I made friends with for life or however long we are in the biz. It was fun, funny, ironic, crazy, weird, and by the time I got home – I didn’t know which way was up.

Actually, I still don’t as I am working on two more events that will take place in Austin next month and next February. I am trying to push these events but it is very stressful. I should be writing.

What I learned in one week is this… I might not trust anyone any longer. I shouldn’t have had any expectations when I went to Tampa because everything I thought would happen, didn’t. I have also learned that the whole point of Indie Authors is to write. I am a writer. I am not a celebrity or the cool girl in school. I write stories and I tell them to people through the stroke of keys or the ink of a pen. Nothing else. People think they are too good for me? Yeah – you can go eat shit. I don’t need to add anymore stories to the ones I hear from my 13 year old.

I think that is all I have to say. Write more, expect less, treat others with patience and respect. Don’t be an asshole.

Yes. Don’t be an asshole.

Until next time – which hopefully will be when Unmarked is done.


It’s all happening!

One of my favorite quotes is from Almost Famous – “It’s all happening!” and shit, that is how I feel right now. 

I leave in a few days to sign with some great authors at the Indie Tampa Mashup. There, I will finally meet my assistant, my editor, and my new muse for my upcoming book, Unmarked. 

Robert Simmons is a trained Martial Artist and is all tatted up. Perfect for Sean’s story. Picture is here.

In addition, my audio books are selling and they are getting good feedback. Click here to check them out on Audible. 

Unsettled on AUDIO

Unchosen on AUDIO

Both done by Claire White


What else? Oh and I am arranging a Author Signing in Austin. That is nuts. There are not enough hours in the day. So I run around naked and don’t shower. JK.

Hope everyone is well. Peace and Love.