WOW – I forgot I even had a blog.

It has been a whirlwind of a month. I keep thinking it is July 11th. Every day. It is really weird. I had officially finished all edits on Plastic Confidence. HOLLA. I am officially done with the Angels Sinners Anthology. HOLLA. I have read and reviewed four books in two days. I am reading the work of people that I run in cyber circles in and it is great to see the differences in all of our styles.

This is the week off and what? Already Wednesday? Hmmm…. I must enjoy each moment of not feeling the pressure to get a word count on the page every day. I am not worried when I finally get my fingers typing but just thinking about writing 80,000 is a little intimidating, no matter how many times you do it.

We are doing SERIOUS marketing on Plastic Confidence. If anyone wants exposure – fill this out.


We have a blitz happening on the 18th with the rafflecopter – plus my  author line up is fabulous. BETAs have it in their hands and I am waiting. Not worried for some reason. I just hope that it touches someone’s soul.

So, I guess that is it for now. Perhaps, I will post some of my reviews of my peers tomorrow to pimp them out. It has been fun to be the reader.

Brennan Small teaser Portrait of handsome man on a pink background. Photo. Johnny Teaser Small jules teaser smaller


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