It has been a hell of a weekend so far.

SO. I decided to use my last free day promos on Amazon since I am leaving their SELECT program at the end of the month. It has been a great couple of days. I also put book #3 Unrequited at .99 for a few hours. I feel like America is poor. I don’t know why. I see all of these posts about the unemployed. I know the feeling. With a Masters in Nonprofit Management, maybe I am just the type of person to gift rather than receive.

Yesterday I was checking my spam folder and saw an email from a literary agent expressing interest in Unchosen, the second book in the series. It was my favorite so when I sent off my first round of query letters back in April and May, I didn’t know anything about agents and what they can do. 

I still don’t. Of course, my husband, who up until this point has let me do my thing with writing, was like a fly on shit. Contracts, pros and cons, etc. He stayed up until 3am researching everything and believes I may have been impulsive, going with the first person to like my book. I feel stupid. But I have to remind myself that I am green to the industry. Nonetheless, I will be looking into more about this while I listen to my husband piles more information into my brain. Oh Lordy.

So, as I am dealing with those awesome turn of events, I am finishing up a SS for an anthology, finishing edits for my next Novel in my new Trilogy, helping a new indie get published, and NEED to update and lengthen my romantic suspense novella that I impulsively published due to personal issues. 

Soldiers back off. MY DANCE CARD IS OVER FULL. God doesn’t give us more than we can handle? Tell that to my Devika Knots customers. 

Oh and my mother is reading Unchosen and loves it. Couldn’t put it down. Yeah! 

That is all for now. And thank god, right?


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