My first and now side business

Devika Knots Macrame2014-06-29 23.32.13

My daughter and I started Devika Knots in 2009. With over 5,000 original handmade macrame knots SOLD, we have only had ONE return. These necklaces are incredibly strong (they hold up against toddlers, sun, swimming, sweating, and anything else). They are 100 % cotton and all material are nonallergic for people with sensitive skin.

2014-06-29 23.33.20

Now that I am writing and selling books, this business has taken a back seat which is sad. I love my knots and I love sharing them with the world.
SO I started a Square Market today to show them off. They are all 18″ and make amazing, unique gifts for loved ones. I already sold my regular ten to one woman who had officially told me her Christmas shopping was done since all her girls said that my necklaces were all they ever wanted as a gift.

2014-06-29 23.33.51

Here is the link to Facebook but the store link is up on top!


Have fun perusing. Devika means goddess in India. Knots – well you can figure that one out. Much love and peace!


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