Reading and Writing

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Well, it has been that week. The week when deadlines are looming and ARCs are needed to be read. I feel so overextended but I have such a great street team and assistants that are helping me when they can.

Last night, I got a quick one hour nap and I am not entirely sure that I am writing the last 10K words with a strong mind. Yes, please. I would love some coffee a million times over.

In addition, I am working on the event Deep in The Heart that is to happen in February 2015 and wow – it is a lot of work. I am hopeful it will get easier every year that I run it.

So vent over.

All these things are wonderful. I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything. I am in love with being an author. I love that my books sell everyday and I am so proud of myself. I have never said that to myself before. But I really am. I feel like I have arrived. Proud and busy and happy. Can’t ask for more out of life.


Lots of love and peace.


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