Events? What it takes…

As an author, it is hard to fly all over the country to do book signings. Luckily, Indie Mash Up in Houston (August) is going to rock and Houston Author Bash in Katy (February 2015) is going to be fun – but what about us Central South Texans?

Well… There are exclusive book signings in both San Antonio and Austin but they are by invite only — so what did I do on top of writing another book, marketing The Chosen Series, and the daily life of a mother/wife? Yeah. I started an event.

I did a lot of events at school and at the nonprofit I worked for. I know how to market, bring the people in, and hopefully make people happy. However, in the meantime – I am standing here while crap just gets thrown at me. I field all of the calls, emails, and what nots and in the end – I feel a little closer to the event itself. It becomes its own living breathing thing.

Deep In The Heart will take place at The Madison on 6th Street in Austin, Texas on February 7th, 2015. Any and all published writers are invited. It isn’t an exclusive event – it is a place to party and meet people who love to write and who love to sign.

So in the end, I am glad that I am doing this. I plan to make it a Valentine’s special event every year, picking a place Deep in the Heart of Texas.

Happy Reading and Writing!



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