My night was spent editing, reading, writing, playing 2048 (predominantly), Talking to my new cover designer. This woman steals the images out of my head and makes them into art. I saw a mock up of Plastic Confidence and holy hell. I couldn’t stop staring. She has summed up the entire book with one photo and I am in awe of how amazing we humans are as artists.

Today will be more of the same but PC is shaping up and yes, I had my second sob moment, so I am sure it will make you cry too. Sorry! I have NO IDEA when this book will be released. The cover isn’t done. The writing isn’t done. The editing isn’t done. The betas haven’t been notified with a date and my editor (the final through) isn’t aware of its progress. So, maybe I am just talking out of my ass? NO WAY. This trilogy is blowing my mind up. All books will be standalone. That I know for sure.

Okay so enough about that. Canada and Australia are still competing for third place in sales this week. Unrequited is still the most popular so I am hoping all those 22K downloads are being read. If it sits on your Kindle for a year, so be it. But give it a try anyways.

Have a fabulous day!


SAM Teaser Unrequited


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