It’s June. How do you feel?

I made an amazing contact yesterday. Thanks to that person for ending a crazy month on the right note. This morning, I woke up to six teenage girls in swimsuits, all doing their makeup. If they jump in the pool, do they understand that they will look like raccoons?

Oh and my daughter has a boyfriend. They have their own name like Bennifer. It is mind boggling. So personally, I feel like I have been knocked up the head with reality. Shit Shit Shit

I want to yell out to Give Me Books and Australia1531651_250889655086769_2119011928_n for your love of The Chosen Series. I am so excited. I love that my books have gone international. The UK, Canada, and Japan also deserve a shout out.

One Missing Link is free. Not sure how long. It was a silly little attempt at a thriller, since my next series has creepy elements in the place of humor. I personally don’t like it so please give me honest reviews. I love negative reviews. Most authors don’t. But my MBA businessman babes studies that negative reviews draws more attention than good ones. So press that one star! I would.

So how are you feeling this first day of June? I feel content and happy. I am grateful that my daughter has beautiful friends, my son has a juice mustache and my babes is taking a much needed nap.

Go Spurs. San Antonio is a very happy place to live in right now – even in this humid heat that makes me gag.


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