This morn

There is one scene in Unchosen where I will sob when I read it, no matter how many times. Mind you, I don’t read my books but sometimes I reread that scene when a reader mentions it and wants to discuss. It came to me as I laid in bed waiting for my brain and body to wake up one morning in March. I wrote that scene in thirty minutes. It was all right there, laid out in my brain and my fingers just flew. I think that is when I broke the E key on my laptop. SOAB

So…. Why do you care?

It happened again this morning. Jules and I are already such beautiful friends. We just went through a scene in my head(yes dictated and noted) that had me bawling for a half an hour. My kid asked me where I put clean shorts. She noticed the snot and thick answer and I saw her worry for a moment until her face went bland.  She asked “a new scene?” I nodded and she bounced out of the room. Nicceee kid. A hug would have been nice.


Someone once asked how is it that ideas (or I like to call them scenes) come to me. Well I can answer that now without any doubt. It is when my brain is completely free of worry or stress or to do lists or someone else’s mood affecting me.  There is no better time than first thing in the morning.


Coffee please…….Image


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