End of May Hello and Goodbye

Thanks so much for those who have come to read and love Lizzie.


One question needs to be answered. YES – Unrequited is live. It released on May 24th, 2014. (Real Life Nick and Lizzie’s anniversary). It seemed fitting. Anyway -yes go search my amazon page and you will see Book #3 behind all that red hair.

AND NO – It is not the last in The Chosen Series. I want two more books to come from the brood. Sean and Freddie. But after I write about Jules, Emmy, Angie. So…. it will happen – just don’t know the timeline.

May was fun. My kids worked hard at state tests, my babes worked hard on certifications at work,I sold over 150 necklaces (Devika Knots) and well, I published two books. It was fun.

So some info on Plastic Confidence – I am looking forward to taking my time with Jules and Brennan and the Love Sick Ponies (yes Lizzie and Nick make three cameos) but this book, like my others, do have deeper themes that some may or may not catch. I will never forget dissecting short stories and poems in college. The undertones, the foreshadowing through humor or small snippets of conversation that applies to the theme about what life can be like as a young woman. The twenties are some of the hardest years. I know that I was THRILLED when I turned 30.  Now, I am not so thrilled to be turning 40. Babes says to suck it up.

But anyways – Back to the point…. Look closely. We all have at least one fear or insecurity as a young woman, right? In each of my books, I present the reader with a different one, a secretive but profound question that only you can answer for yourself. So as you wonder how something rings true for you, remember to be good to yourself. Make sure to love you the most out of everyone in the world. It isn’t self centered. You were put on this earth to learn about yourself as you grow. Enjoy it.

I am well on my way- have run the outline or plot or whatever it is. My undercover lover and I have talked for hours and she has agreed to my ideas. Thank God. She is a tough woman to please. Oh and UCL? Sorry for having a million aha moments… It is kinda annoying, isn’t it? Anyways, she has given me the Green Light. On chapter five and can’t wait to write some of these scenes.

I am also reading a ton! 13 Reasons Why, Sweet Filthy Boy, Song for Us, Pride and Prejudice (a monthly must to honor the great literature of all time) and Emily Giffin’s new book. Woo. That’s a list.

I love listening to your reviews, both disappointed responses and praise. Unfortunately, if I changed up my books to make everyone happy- well I am not sure it would even resemble a book. More like a bullet point document. I could create a power point! I love doing those. LOL

Enjoy your June. Get a tan and love you and yours.

Alisa Mullen


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